Your Board’s Culture

Is there culture in your boardroom? Are your board members too polite to ask the hard questions? Do you have board members who exhibit combative or aggressive behaviors? Do you have “group think” where no one challenges the accepted assumptions.

Your board’s culture sets the tone for the discussions and decisions that will be made in the boardroom. Changing the culture and behavior of your board can be a difficult. Your board culture can a dramatic impact on how effectively your board operates as a group.  Be fearless in taking on the challenge of managing the behavior of the board and changing your board’s culture for the better.

Below are a few tips to help you begin the process of creating a more productive board culture.

  • During critical board discussions create a “round robin” to ensure everyone’s opinion is expressed and heard.
  • As a board develop consensus on a code of behavior for board meetings.
  • Appoint a “devil’s advocate” to question group assumptions when making important decisions.
  • Discuss with your board officers how they can model good behavior at your meetings.

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