Tips and Trends in Fundraising

Pop Quiz – Fundraising in Your Boardroom

“How can I get our board members more engaged in fundraising?” This a common question and frustration I hear from nonprofit leaders. Including regular education and discussions about revenue development in your boardroom will help your board members better understand your organization’s fundraising challenges and opportunities.

Have fun in your boardroom by creating a fundraising pop quiz at your next board meeting. The following questions will encourage discussion and create a deeper understanding of your fundraising goals and strategies. While some of the questions may seem obvious or simplistic – they will stimulate discussion that will provide your board members with a deeper understanding of your organization’s revenue needs and fundraising strategies.

Pick a few of the following questions and encourage open discussion and debate between board members. There may be several answers to these questions – so there are no wrong answers. Board members will be more engaged in fundraising if they better understand the big picture of your revenue needs and fundraising activities.

  • Can you list all the ways we raise money?
  • How much money do we need to raise this year?
  • What activity/event nets the most revenue for our organization?
  • Who is our largest donor?
  • What fundraising activities are required by board member?
  • Which of our fundraising activities do you think has the most potential for growth?

Let me know how it goes – I would love to hear about how your board responded to the questions.

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