The Value of an Advisory Council

Should your organization establish an advisory council? An advisory council can be an effective strategy for keeping past board members and key stakeholders engaged and it provides a structure for busy professionals with limited time to serve your organization.

Unlike the board, advisory council members have no legal or formal responsibilities. An advisory council should be limited to making recommendations and providing counsel.

The purpose of an advisory council can vary and should be designed to best meet your organizational needs. A professional advisory council is comprised of community members who bring expertise that may be of interest to your organization such as medical, educational or technical counsel. A review advisory council is designed to evaluate and assess specific programs and/or services. A development advisory council provides a position and status for key supporters who continue to bring valuable connections and support to the organization.

Before you establish an advisory council consider the following questions:

  • What will be the purpose of the advisory council?
  • Is the advisory council going to be ongoing or a temporary council that addresses a specific issue?
  • Who will be asked to serve on the advisory council?
  • Will the advisory council meet regularly or only meet when needed?
  •  Will a board member or a staff member be asked to serve on the council as a liaison for communication?

If an advisory council is thoughtfully planned and managed, they can bring valuable expertise to your organization and help maintain relationships with important supporters.

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