The Evolving Impact of COVID-19 on Nonprofits

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Question from Executive Director, Elisa Hoffman of School Board School:

“Thank you for asking in your latest newsletter for questions that covid-19 has raised for our organizations. Our two big questions right now are around”: 

1) Recruitment: we do so much of the recruitment for participants for our program in person, either at community events or at the meetings of partner organizations. What are ways that people are shifting their recruitment to virtual methods?

2) Virtual instruction and community building: Depending on how long social distancing lasts, we may have to shift our entire structure from in-person programming to virtual. What are best practices in the delivery of instruction virtually? How about in building camaraderie in a virtual platform?

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Here’s a tip from Rachel Kirley, President of AFP Cincinnati Chapter:

“I have watched several foundations and government entities accelerate their payments for various awards to get some assistance to local organizations. If your organization has an award they are waiting to receive you might consider calling the program officer to see if accelerating the payment schedule is an option. This would be easier to do with a local funder, and it would require a careful conversation and a good relationship, but I definitely think this is an idea worth pursuing.”    

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