“The Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit News proved to be a valuable resource as I looked for a new position in the nonprofit sector. The job postings and insight provided through the weekly newsletter were my best source of information on opportunities most relevant to my job search. Best of all I found my new position from a posting in GC Nonprofit News.”

Chris Phelps

“I am grateful I found my perfect candidate for my open position in Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit News.”

Gina Fennell, Executive Director, Project Yoga

We are happy to report we recently hired for a position at American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio and our most qualified applicant came from Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit News.”

James Kosmatka, Operations Mgr., ACLU of Ohio

“For the second year in a row, I have partnered with Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit News to help promote our annual Securing the Future conference. We always see our registrations bump up after the newsletter comes out and our conference is prominently featured! I am always referring people interested in nonprofits to sign up for the GC Nonprofit News. It’s a great resource for the entire nonprofit community.”

Jenny Berg, Executive Director, Leadership Council

“Our recent event held in conjunction with GC Nonprofit News was a huge success with over 70 people in attendance.  We were able to provide information about the upcoming non-profit financial statement changes and attendees were able to meet with others in the nonprofit field.  We look forward to hosting additional events in the future.”

Stephen Mann, CPA Managing Director
Nancy Orben, CPA Senior Manager
Blue and Co, LLC

“Posting our job opening in GC Nonprofit News was very helpful. Our large and highly qualified pool, I believe, was a result of the exposure in GG Nonprofit News.”

Lynnette M. Heard, M.Ed. , Board of Directors, YWCA Hamilton

“I am a new subscriber to Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit News and I’m extremely happy to tell you that thanks to your job listings, I found a great job and have been HIRED! I will be working with Children, Inc. I really appreciate it.”
Steve Oldfield

“Our organization has a long successful history and needed in-depth planning for the future. Jane designed and guided us in a thorough process of engagement with stakeholders and board members that led us to re-invigorate planning for years to come.”

Board Members, Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center

“I’ve participated in a lot of planning sessions during my working life and this was one of the best. Not just because of the content, but, more importantly, because of the way you managed the participants. There were a number of instances when things could have gotten a little “spirited”, but you had an uncanny ability to be able to discern when those were coming and calm the troubled waters. I sincerely hope that we will be able to implement most of the things we spoke about on Saturday. You’ve energized us and we really appreciate it.  Thanks!!!”

Buck Wilson, Board Member

“It was very uplifting to be with a group of people so committed to making a difference, Jane did a terrific job as facilitator.”

Jay Allgood-Community Ambassadors Resource Alliance Board Member

“…thanks again for your outstanding organization and facilitation abilities!”

Sharon Hannon, Vice-President Community Ambassadors Resource Alliance

“The strategic planning session was just what our organization needed. The group accomplished so much in a short amount of time. The session with Jane re-energized, re-focused, and re-challenged our group to move to the next stage of our growth as a nonprofit.”

Kate Hawkins, Executive Director, Community Ambassadors Resource Alliance

“Jane’s relaxed style of identifying the various issues to be addressed and her ability to learn more about the board and the association prior to the actual planning was very effective. She didn’t use a cookie-cutter approach, but engaged everyone at the planning meeting to customize a plan for DSACO. Jane has continued to follow-up and offer her assistance as the organization moves forward.”

Board Member, Doris Erhart

“I have had the privilege of attending several of JPS board leadership classes and even after almost 20 years’ experience, I still find JanePage-Steinier’s interactive presentations practical, instructive, and never boring. I have also watched her bring together two large and diverse groups of individuals who had never met or worked together before into a cohesive and impactful multi-state coalition. It was no easy task, but she makes it look effortless.”

Amy Van Bergen, Executive Director

“Jane gives excellent leadership to organizations around the country by sharing how to put systems into place that can make any nonprofit successful. As our organization grew, she helped us to analyze challenges and develop strategies and solutions to move us forward.”

Jawanda Mast, Executive Director
Down Syndrome Association of the Mid-South

“Working with JPS is exactly what our Board needed to become structurally sound to move forward as our own 501c3.  Our vision is clear and so are the steps needed to take us there.” “As the President of the Board, having a retreat with JPS allowed us to participate in a collaborative exercise to take our organization to the next level and also a way to give back to the Board members. The experience was a success on all fronts.”

Gena Mitchell

“When I needed someone to educate my Board on organization growth and development, Jane was the only person I called. She was concise in her presentation allowing time for thought, discussion and feedback. It was the perfect way to ‘jump start’ my Board into thinking about the ‘bigger picture’. We are further ahead in our strategic planning as a direct result of Jane’s valued expertise.”

Jennifer Truby, Chairman of the Board
Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio

“Jane listens and communicates well. These abilities are what make her a great leader and a great partner. Her extensive experience as a national, state and local advocate equips her to identify and solve problems that many, many nonprofit organizations routinely confront.

She is particularly talented and skilled at helping nonprofits build and develop their capabilities in areas of fundraising, board development, and strategic planning to implement their mission and to achieve their goals.”

Madeleine Will, Vice President-Public Policy
National Down Syndrome Society

“I have been a part of strategic plan development for KEEN Greater DC for I think 13 years now.  I have never before been through a planning process as deliberate and collaborative as the one you guided us through or one in which the process of creation itself established ownership among all of the creators. Time will tell, but I think the approach you guided us through did that on Saturday. And that is exactly what we needed.

Thanks for helping to energize and focus our leadership team! I enjoyed meeting and working with you!”

KEEN Staff – Beth Wenger

“The board wanted to thank you for your guidance during our board planning retreat. Since most of us do not have nonprofit experience, we truly appreciated your insights and constructive suggestions, which truly exceeded our expectations. The process of thinking through all of our goals and governance model in a structured way, and how we would divvy up the responsibilities, was a very valuable experience.  We now feel confident that we have the teams in place that we need to begin to execute our strategic plan, and position the school for growth and long-term sustainability. Our board meeting yesterday evening was full of energy, and individual engagement, which has our new working year off to a great start!”

Thank you so much for your service to CMA!

Anneliese Clear, Board President