Support Your Governance Committee

How nonprofit leaders manage their boards has everything to do with their success. Many nonprofits are replacing their nomination committee with a governance committee, which becomes the designated internal structure for improving the board’s performance.  A governance committee is typically charged with assessing the board’s performance and making recommendations on policies and practices that will improve the board’s impact and effectiveness.

It can be difficult to change ineffective board practices when there is an organizational culture that has historically ignored or minimized unproductive behaviors or practices.  If your governance committee members become frustrated they will often fall back on doing basic nomination work and not tackle the challenging work of changing the behavior and performance of the board. Changing what is expected from board members takes time, education and the gentle art of persuasion.

I can help your leadership and/or governance committee identify and implement the best approach for changing your board’s behaviors and practices. As an external governance consultant, I can help you address sensitive topics in a way that will allow you to maintain relationships and effectively move forward.

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