Sponsor’s Insight by Body Alive

Body Alive began just as a small yoga studio in Cincinnati and we’ve grown exponentially over the years. So much so that we had to change our name from Yoga Alive to Body Alive. Although rooted in hot power yoga, Body Alive offers a plethora of high energy workouts that cater to all levels of fitness.

Known for being beginner friendly and affordable, Body Alive has taken fitness to the next level. We pride ourselves on giving our clients that top-notch experience. We, of course, offer hot power yoga but also offer a variety of hot classes- hot body sculpt and hot body challenge. These classes are done in the hot room, focusing on strength and movement. Our non-heated classes include barre, bounce, cardio, and cycle. Our instructors are well-trained and some of the best in the city; they know to push their students to the next level but also offer modifications and adjustments to those clients who are just beginning their fitness journey with us.

Our pricing pretty much says it all; we are here to make fitness affordable while still maintaining that five-star client experience. We offer discounted pricing to educational, public, non-profit employees, and military families. These people do so much for the community that we feel it is our duty to give them a little something in return. If you wish to contact Body Alive for this special pricing, please email info@bodyalivefitness.com today! To check out our class schedules please visit our website: www.bodyalivefitness.com.