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Broadway Star Returns Home to Deliver a Message to the Nonprofit Community

By The Leadership Council for Nonprofits, 2/14/19

Alton Fitzgerald White is a triple talented singer, dancer, and critically acclaimed actor. He has starred in six Broadway hits and is best known for playing King Mufasa in The Lion King a record-breaking 4,308 times. The number one question he is asked is, “How on Earth did you perform so many times as the same character in the same show?”

Performing as King Mufasa for 13 years challenged Alton to learn how to maintain a level of excellence without burning out. He found his answer in reframing the way he thought about work and began to view it as service. His performances transformed into a sense of duty for others – his choreographer, writers, director, colleagues, and audiences – instead of just himself.

In his book, My Pride: Mastering Life’s Daily Performance, Alton says, “Whatever your occupation, reconceiving it as a form of service motivates you to greater and more energetic contributions which can bring great rewards.”

This year’s Securing the Future Conference “Leading Your Pride: Mastering Life’s Daily Performance” on March 6, 2019 will encourage regional nonprofit leaders, board members, and funders to think of their organization’s work as a “performance”, the populations they serve as the “audience”, and staff as the “actors.” From 7:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. they will be a part of a three-act “rehearsal.”

Act I will feature Alton’s keynote speech, Leading My Pride: Mastering Life’s Daily Performance. He will draw from his own life and career to share his philosophy of service, gratitude, and personal mastery in daily life.

During Act II, local leaders will champion breakout sessions building on Alton’s themes of service and gratitude. Detailed descriptions of the breakouts are below.

  • Nonprofit organizations get asked to tackle the toughest problems, often with the fewest resources. After 30 years of combined experience as nonprofit CEOs, Jennifer Goodin of Ronald McDonald House and Jen Eismier of Camp Joy will lead, “Nonprofit on Fire: Confidence, Authenticity, and a “Lit” Team.” They will speak to the importance of the nonprofit sector and how to be part of a high-performing team.
  • The Greater Cincinnati Foundation released the Giving Black Cincinnati Report in December of 2018. They spent a year and a half learning the giving patterns, motivations, and aspirations of black donors in the region. Lauren Jones of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation invites nonprofit leaders to learn more about Giving Black Cincinnati at her breakout, “Giving Black and YOU.”
  • Often organizational change efforts miss the mark dealing with the human side of change. Maureen Maxfield of Maxfield Associates, LLC will lead, “Strengthening Resilience During Rapid Organizational Change.” Maureen’s breakout will provide nonprofits with tools and strategies for strengthening organizations adaptability.
  • Activating strengths is transformative for both individuals and organizations and leads to incredible shifts in culture. Joe Moorman of Mayerson Academy will lead, “Activating Strengths to Master Life’s Daily Performance.” Joe’s breakout will introduce participants to the science and application of character strengths and provide ready-to-use strategies for transforming individual performance and organizational culture.

The “rehearsal” concludes with Act III, “Conversations that Create the Future” with Centric Consulting. This workshop will use the World Café method which will provide a structured process for knowledge sharing and group dialogue about securing the future of the nonprofit sector in our region.

Like Alton is asked about performing thousands of times as King Mufasa, nonprofit leaders are expected to perform daily. The lives and betterment of our community depend on the daily performance of our sector and its leaders. This conference will provide educational resources for nonprofits to take back to their organizations, ignite dreams, encourage a service mindset, and inspire energetic and powerful contributions.

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