Preparing for Your Board Meetings

How was your last board meeting? Did your board reach agreement on critical issues? Did it feel like it was a good use of time?

One of the most important tasks for your board president or chair is planning for the board meeting. Thoughtfully preparing the board meeting agenda and making sure the information you need is in the room is critical to having an effective meeting.

As you prepare for board meetings consider:

  • Is your leadership team working together to prepare the board meeting agenda?
  • What are the issues that require a vote or direction from the board?
  • What information needs to be gathered or prepared so the board can make informed decisions?
  • How much time is needed at the meeting to allow for real deliberation of an important issue?
  • Should any board members be asked to lead or assist with certain board discussions?
  • Do any of the agenda items impact existing policies or might lead to the development of a new policy?

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