Organizational & Strategic Planning

Organizational and Strategic Planning Services  

Creating a successful nonprofit requires thoughtful planning at many levels. Before you engage in planning it is critical to discuss the type of planning that will best help your board and organization move forward effectively.  JPS will help you explore various types of planning and the ways you can structure the planning process to achieve your desired outcomes.  This may include the development of a new strategic plan, board actions plans, committee planning and/or updating your current strategic plan.

JPS’s planning process is inclusive and dynamic. JPS will work with your board, staff leadership and key stakeholders to create consensus on the best way forward for your organization. A clear understanding and a shared commitment to your priorities and plans will ensure accountability and the highest level of success for your organization. Jane will partner with your leadership to identify the challenges and top objectives that will be addressed during the planning.

Planning Services May Include:                                          

  • Creation of a planning process-that is customized for your organization
  • Ensuring your board understands and participates in the planning process
  • Confirmation and/or updating of your vision, mission and values statements
  • Creating a committee & staff structure that is engaged and effective
  • Preparing the board to effectively engage in fundraising
  • Input from key stakeholders (focus groups, surveys and/or interviews)
  • Analysis of key information critical to planning effectively
  • Facilitation that enables your board to reach consensus on top priorities
  • Customized planning templates to capture plans and to aid in implementation
  • Follow up guidance as needed after planning is completed
  • Board Action Planning – defining how the board will support the strategic plan

Jane will work with you to create a process that will work for your budget and help you achieve your planning objectives. Contact Jane jane@jpsnonprofit.com to schedule a no cost consultation call to explore how she can help your organization with planning.