Navigating Our Way During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Jane Page-Steiner, Publisher, GC Nonprofit News

We are all experiencing fear and uncertainty as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented challenges for nonprofit leaders and the people and communities we serve.

We know that many of you are facing complex challenges on how to best protect your team, serve your constituents, and survive the financial impact of COVID-19. In this week’s issue all the articles offer a variety of helpful information and counsel for nonprofits on dealing with COVID-19.

GC Nonprofit News is committed to providing information that will assist you and your organization. Each week we will publish articles and share resources that are current and relevant as your nonprofit deals with COVID-19.

We are also asking for your help. Please email the following:

  • Send the big questions and issues COVID-19 has created in your organization (This will help us identify the articles that will be the most useful to our readers).
  • Send tips and/or strategies your organization has implemented in response to COVID-19 (This will enable us to share information that will offer potential solutions and strategies to other nonprofits).

We will share the relevant information we receive with our readers and recognize you and your organization.

Working together we can help one another through this challenging time and learn new ways to collaborate and provide support.

Be safe and stay connected.
Jane Page-Steiner
Publisher & Owner, GC Nonprofit News