Leading Your Pride – Mastering Life’s Daily Performance

Sponsor Insight by Jenny Berg of Leadership Council

Leadership Council for Nonprofits is pleased to host the 19th annual Securing the Future conference on March 6, 2019 at the Cintas Center. This conference is dedicated to building the strategic, leadership and resource development skills of the board, staff and donors of Greater Cincinnati nonprofits. Over 300 professionals attend this conference to have a chance to interact with peers, hear a prominent, national keynote speaker and local breakout speakers who will provoke, stimulate, inspire and motivate. All participants will gain a broader understanding of current and future trends on the local, national and global level so they can help the organizations they serve to secure the future.

Alton Fitzgerald White is the 2019 Keynote speaker for the Securing the Future conference and we are thrilled to have this Cincinnati native back in town. Alton, Broadway’s longest reigning “King”, shares his secret to fulfillment and joy in everyday work and life. Drawing from his own life and career along with the rich lore of The Lion King, Alton delivers his message of service – taking responsibility for and deriving happiness from ordinary achievements – as a philosophy that anyone can get through each day with satisfaction, pride and a sense of accomplishment to master life’s daily performance.

Following Alton’s keynote, four breakout sessions led by local leaders in the nonprofit ecosystem will be available. These breakouts will build on his theme of service, strengths and gratitude:

Strengthening Resilience During Rapid Organizational Change – Maureen Maxfield, Maxfield Associates, LLC

Activating Strengths to Master Life’s Daily Performance – Joe Moorman, Mayerson Academy

Nonprofit on Fire: Confidence, Authenticity, and a “Lit” Team – Jennifer Goodin, Ronald McDonald House and Jen Eismier, Camp Joy

Giving Black and YOU! – Lauren Jones, Greater Cincinnati Foundation

The program continues with time spent in “Conversations that create the future” using the World Café’ format, led by Centric Consulting.

Finally, the encore performance will be a song performed by Alton Fitzgerald White.

This half-day conference is a must for anyone who works in, works with, donates to or serves a nonprofit in our Greater Cincinnati area. Tickets are on sale now at www.leadershipcouncil.us. This conference is generously sponsored by Artistic Director level sponsors: Greater Cincinnati Foundation and Ignite Philanthropy, Supporter Level sponsors: ADP, Cincinnati Insurance Co., Flynn & Co., GC Nonprofit News, Gig Smart, Grants Plus, Anne Maxfield, LLC, Media Promoter Movers & Makers, World Café sponsor Centric, and Luncheon Sponsor UST.

Leadership Council for Nonprofits is an association of almost 200 nonprofit agency members, representing more than 15,000 employees, and providing an economic impact of almost $1B in our community. The Leadership Council supports the nonprofit community by providing capacity building, and leadership programs, connections, collaborations, and cost savings (including retirement plans at no cost, free job postings, and group purchasing) opportunities for its members.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Jenny at 513-554-3060 or email info@leadershipcouncil.us.