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JPS Consulting Services

jane-board-certifiedCreating a successful nonprofit requires thoughtful planning at many levels. JPS can help you identify what type of planning will help your board and organization move forward effectively. This may include the development of board actions plans, committee planning and/or creating a new strategic plan for your organization.

JPS’s planning process is inclusive and dynamic. JPS will work with your board, staff leadership and key stakeholders to create a shared understanding and consensus on the best way forward for your organization. A clear understanding and a shared commitment to your priorities and plans will ensure accountability and the highest levels of success for organization.

Jane Page-Steiner, President of JPS Nonprofit Strategies is a respected nonprofit consultant, public speaker, and has been a part of the not-for- profit community for more than 28 years. Helping many nonprofit organizations grow and develop.

Services may include:

  • Board assessments
  • Focus groups, surveys or interviews
  • Assessment of internal structures & committees
  • Committee Development
  • Development of board action plan
  • Update of vision, mission and values statements
  • Strategic Planning

Please contact Jane for more information.

“I’ve participated in a lot of planning sessions during my working life and this was one of the best. Not just because of the content, but, more importantly, because of the way you managed the participants. There were a number of instances when things could have gotten a little “spirited”, but you had an uncanny ability to be able to discern when those were coming and calm the troubled waters. You’ve energized us and we really appreciate it.”

– Board Member, Buck Wilson