Is Your Board Failing in Fundraising?

The BoardSource Nonprofit Governance Index/Survey asked CEOs to grade their board’s performance in the ten basic responsibilities of a nonprofit board. On a grading scale where a 4 is the A the CEOs gave the highest grade at 3.3 / B for their board’s understanding of the organization’s mission. The lowest grade at 1.29 / D was in fundraising.

The good news was nearly 75% of chief executives reported that their board’s personal giving was 90% to 100%. But, a substantial portion of the chief executives reported that their board members remain reluctant to participate in fundraising activities. Fundraising was identified as the area that needed the most board improvement.

I recommend you create an ongoing dialog with your board about fundraising. When you are recruiting new board members have frank conversations about what is expected in relation to fundraising so there are no surprises. Work with your board to identify annual fundraising goals and regularly discuss progress and/or set backs throughout the fundraising cycles. Dedicate time and resources for board education and trainings that will increase your board’s confidence and their ability to raise funds for your organization.

It can be an arduous task to change your board’s culture from one where members are reluctant to raise funds to one where the board leads your resource development efforts and all members actively participate in fundraising.

I can assist your organizations with developing strategies that will empower your board to effectively engage in fundraising. As a BoardSource Governance Trainer, I have access to various tools that will help your board assess your fundraising culture and help them better understand their role in fundraising. I will create customized trainings and/or strategies that focus on the issues that will advance your organization and fundraising efforts.

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