Improving Your Board’s Performance

Board members often do not to have a full understanding of what is expected of them.  When a board does not share a common understanding of what is expected of them, members will often become disengaged. A limited understanding of their role can also cause board members to take misguided actions that create problems and inhibit the organization’s success.
A national BoardSource survey found 93% of board members were interested in additional information and governance training.  Outside governance expertise can help your board better understand their role, limit problems and create more effective leadership.I can assist your organizations with governance trainings and counsel on issues such as:

  • The Roles and Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards
  • The Board / Staff Partnership
  • The Board’s Role in Fundraising
  • Structuring the High Performance Board
  • The Board Building Cycle
  • Board Self-Assessment

I customize all my work to ensure that each organization achieves the highest levels of success. Send an e-mail or call 859-261-4145 to set up a no cost, no obligation consultation to explore how I can help you and your organization.