Get Ahead of the Tax Curve with These Tips to File Your Form 990

by David Ebner

The majority of nonprofits must fill out a form 990 annually to maintain a tax-exempt status and remain compliant with state and federal regulations. While there are some select organizations that are not required to fill out these forms, the vast majority must do so as it’s their legal obligation.

However, there’s little reason to stress. Here at File 990, we’re focused on helping nonprofits thrive during tax season. We want to ensure you have an easy-as-pie experience filing to maintain your tax-exempt status.

That’s why we’ve compiled an overview of form 990s as well as some top tips for nonprofits. These tips include:

  1. Setting filing reminders.
  2. Keeping accurate records.
  3. Not including personal information.
  4. Using tax e-filing software.

Let’s jump in to make sure your nonprofit rocks this tax season!