Five Marketing Strategies to Bring Supporters to Your Donation Page

by Abby Jarvis

You’ve spent a significant time building a well-designed donation page and implementing best practices to help your page perform at its best. Now, you should make sure that donors can find your page and inspire them to make a contribution.

Getting potential donors to your donation page can be difficult if you don’t have the right strategies in place. Online giving isn’t like online shopping; people don’t browse around for nonprofits they want to support.

With that said, promoting your donation page goes hand-in-hand with promoting your cause. If someone is passionate about what you do, they’ll be more inclined to visit your donation page.

Let’s look at five marketing strategies that will help promote your donation page:

  1. Analyze and segment your donors
  2. Share your nonprofit’s story
  3. Unify your website and donation page
  4. Link to your donation page in appeals
  5. Direct supporters to your page via social media

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If you want to promote your donation page, you need to understand your donors and the kind of information they want to see.

Understanding your donors will help you create a plan that details what, when, and where you should be promoting your online donation form.

For instance your frequent donors would probably be interested in scheduling automatic gifts, a feature you might have on your donation page, because they won’t have to remember to contribute.

You could send them a targeted email campaign that emphasizes your recurring gift feature to highlight your donation page.

On the other hand, newer donors may be interested in knowing how they can interact with your organization online. Providing them with more general information about your website and mentioning your donation page may encourage them to give.

You can segment your donors based on a few different factors, including:

  1. Their preferred giving channel—Look at your donors’ past giving habits to see what methods they prefer to use.
  2. How they heard about your nonprofit—A common question on a donation form is “How did you hear about our nonprofit?” Once you know how donors discovered your organization, you can start promoting your donation form on these channels.
  3. Donation amount—You can provide donors with information based on how much they contribute to your nonprofit.

You can gain this information by analyzing the data that you’ve collected and stored in your donor database.

Segmenting your donors allows you to provide the most useful information. That way, you can market different features of your online donation page to the donors who will truly benefit from your messaging.

In summary, every donor has a different relationship with your nonprofit, which means they’re all at different stages and know different things. Provide donors with new and valuable information about your donation page by dividing them into groups.


If you want to bring supporters to your donation page, you need to explain why supporters should give and what their contributions will support.

Telling your story and branding your donation page is great way to link your organization to your donation page and encourage supporters to give.

Sharing your narrative makes your donors feel like they’re a part of your mission.

With good branding, you can put your cause front-and-center, which will allow donors to see the impact of their gifts.

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