Facebook-Generated Fundraising Hits $5 Billion Since Inception

from The NonProfitTimes

Fundraising on Facebook has pulled in an aggregate $5 billion for nonprofit and private causes since the online platform began facilitating donations in 2015. The total reflects the efforts and contributions of more than 85 million global fundraiser organizers and donors, with the majority of donations clocking in at less than $25.

“Back in 2015, the ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge was the inspiration for the first generation of [Facebook fundraising] tools,” Facebook Nonprofit Management Lead Kaitlyn Jankowski told The NonProfit Times.

The Ice Bucket Challenge was a 2014-and-beyond viral fundraiser for the Washington, D.C.-based amyotrophic lateral sclerosis research and support organization. Individuals posted videos of themselves as they poured buckets of ice and cold water over their heads and urged people in their social networks to make a donation.

Facebook has continued to modify and expand its fundraising tools since their initial launch. Its most recent innovation, implemented in December 2020, allows users of Facebook’s Instagram platform to post fundraising efforts in their Feed streams, giving the efforts greater exposure than in the Instagram Stories or Live streams.

Many of Facebook’s fundraising tools innovations have focused on making donations easy to complete. Tweaks include one-click donation options and easier social sharing of campaigns. Facebook absorbs the processing charges when donations are made to approved nonprofits.

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