Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Executive Coaching & Mentoring Services

Jane provides customized coaching and mentoring for executive directors, boards and leadership teams. Coaching and mentoring can help you create a culture that is proactive in facing challenges and embracing opportunities when they arise.

Jane will become your strategic partner in helping you analyze your challenges and concerns, think through decisions, overcome hurdles, address board management struggles, and brainstorm new approaches. Coaching can provide tremendous benefits including increased board engagement, a decrease in stress, more productive staff, greater financial sustainability, and clearer strategic thinking.

Executive coaching and/or mentoring can be especially helpful during times of transitions. Major shifts in your organization such as the transition of a long-time executive will create stress and excitement for the board members and staff. Having someone who is a good listener, an unbiased facilitator and who brings expertise in nonprofit governance can be invaluable as you move through organizational challenges. Jane will help your leadership process problems and identify solutions and options.

How Coaching Services Work:

Jane will work with your leadership team to identify the frequency and amount of coaching that would be the most helpful to your organization. Coaching services may include support for an individual executive director, a board president, a committee or the full board.

Contact Jane to explore working together at 859-261-4145 or jane@jpsnonprofit.com.