Event Will Offer New Ways for Nonprofits to Deal with Massive Societal Changes

Leadership Development To Be Focus Of ‘Securing the Future’ Conference In Cincinnati

Securing the Future, an annual conference for Greater Cincinnati nonprofit executives, will offer new approaches to help organizations thrive in a world that’s facing radical changes.

Futurist Bob Johansen, a distinguished fellow with the Institute for the Future in Silicon Valley, will deliver the keynote address and conduct a workshop at the conference, which is run by the Leadership Council for Nonprofits. His presentations will be based on his latest book, The New Leadership Literacies.

The 18th annual event will be held Thursday, March 8 at Xavier University’s Cintas Center. This year, the topic is “Foresight-Insight-Action: Thriving in a Disruptive World.”

Four additional sessions will focus on the same theme:

  • Looking Back From The Future: Susan Ingmire, president of philanthropic services for Ignite Philanthropy, and Kate Keller, vice president of community and system strategies at Interact for Health, will lead this session with Johansen. It’ll focus on his 2008 Philanthropy Map, what it looks like today and what he forecasts for the future of the social sector.
  • Being A Brave Leader: ComedySportz, a Minneapolis-based improvisation troupe, will show how improvisation, quick thinking and flexibility can create opportunities for voices to be heard and valued, for growth to arise from failure and for the exploration of divergent ideas to nurture resilient organizations.
  • Leadership for Shape-Shifting Organizations: Raphaela Platow, director and chief curator of Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center, will share how she’s led the transformation of CAC from a traditional hierarchal structure to a shape-shifting model, and how that has impacted her leadership.
  • Creating and Sustaining Positive Energy: Elaine Suess, president of BeyondBeing, an executive and leadership coaching firm, will engage participants in learning about the neuroscience and business benefits of a positive brain as well as strategies to build resilience and influence for lasting, positive change.

The main part of the event, featuring Johansen’s keynote address and the four breakout sessions, will be 7:30 am to noon. Each registrant can attend two breakout sessions. Johansen’s optional luncheon workshop, entitled Turning Insights into Action, will begin at 12:15 pm.

Johansen will provide his forecast for the coming decade and offer new approaches for leaders to address the massive global disruptions he’s predicting. One of his major forecasts is that organizations and their workforces will become “radically” decentralized.

“Firm structures will give way to shape-shifting organizational forms that function like organisms,” he wrote in his new book. “Most leaders-and most organizations-aren’t ready for this future.”

For nearly 40 years, Johansen has been helping organizations around the world prepare for and shape the future. He has conducted workshops for universities, nonprofits, churches and corporations.

Sue Wilke, former executive director of the Leadership Council, first heard Johansen speak in 2009 when he previously served as the keynote speaker for Securing the Future. “He gave a first-rate presentation on leadership skills each of us could apply in our often complex and uncertain nonprofit world,” she said.

More information and registration for Securing the Future is available at www.leadershipcouncil.us.