Creating Productive Boardroom Discussions

How productive are your boardroom discussions? Are your board members reaching consensus on critical issues and taking responsibilities for follow up work?

Creating productive boardroom discussions starts with good pre-planning. A well thought out board agenda will ensure your time in the boardroom is used well. As you develop your meeting agenda consider what issues only require sharing information and what issues require board feedback or a board vote.

If there is an issue that requires the board to consider various options- the options should be clearly identified and stated. I recommend information be presented in simple and succinct language with key issues highlighted.

Thoughtful preparation will allow the board to effectively deliberate and make timely and informed decisions.

As you prepare for a board discussions consider:

  •  Don’t waste time on discussing decisions that have already been made.
  •  What information needs to be gathered or prepared so the board can make informed decisions?
  •  Should the information sent the board a few days before meeting to give the board time to read the materials?
  •  How much time is needed at the meeting to allow for real deliberation of the issue?
  •  Who on the board is best suited to lead the discussion?
  •  Does anyone have a bias or conflict of interest with the issue that is being discussed?
  • Is the issue impacted by an existing policy or might lead to the development of a new policy?