Creating Clear Board Expectations

It is not uncommon for board members to have very different opinions on what should be expected of them. One board member may feel attendance at your special events is for filling their fundraising commitment to the organization. Another board member may feel all members should attend all special events and make a substantial personal donation annually.

If your board members do not share a common understanding of what is expected of them it can create confusion and tension in the boardroom.

You can prevent frustrations and build the confidence of your board by creating the opportunity for them to work together to create a shared understanding of what is expected of them.

A board retreat that has adequate time and a relaxed atmosphere is a prefect venue for a facilitated discussion on board expectations. Contact me to explore how I can assist you with the development and facilitation of your next board retreat.

“The board wanted to thank you for your guidance during our board retreat. Since many of us do not have nonprofit experience, we truly appreciated your insights and constructive suggestions, which truly exceeded our expectations. The process of thinking through our board’s role in a structured way, and how we would divvy up the responsibilities, was a very valuable experience. Our board meeting yesterday was full of energy, and individual engagement.

Thank you so much for your service to CMA!”

Anneliese Clear, Board President