Committees Gone Stagnant?

Do you have committees that can’t seem to make decisions?

Are your committees accomplishing what you hoped?
According to a recent BoardSource survey, nonprofits  have an of average 5.5 committees.  Committees preform important work for nonprofits and often critical decisions need to be made at the committee level.

If you have committees that are not active or they are focused on tasks that do not support your top priorities, it will impact your success.

Clearly defining the purpose of each of your committees and identifying a chair that can effectively lead the work of the committee can be time consuming but worthwhile.

Need help with your committees?  I have a developed a template to help nonprofits better define the purpose, activities, and leadership for each committee. To request a copy of the JPS’s committee template send me an email.

Interested in exploring new and fun ways to get your board and committee leaders more motivated and engaged at an upcoming retreat?  Contact me to explore how I can assist you and organization.