Board Development at Every Board Meeting

Consider including a brief board development discussion at every board meeting. Dedicating 10 to 15 minutes at every meeting to discuss a board development issue is a quick and easy way to incorporate board development into your meetings. Consider using the one of the following questions at your next board meeting to stimulate a discussion at your boardroom table.

  1. Should we consider changing our board terms and/or term limits?
  2. Do we have too many or too few board members?
  3. What should be fundraising expectation for board members?
  4. What could we do create more engaging and interesting board meeting?
  5. What topics or issues should be on the agenda of our next board retreat?

Another suggestion is to have your board member take turns in developing a question to be discussed at each meeting. Regularly talking about board development will engage your board and help your organization create clear expectation for board members.

Jane Page-Steiner, President of JPS Nonprofit Strategies can assist your organization with board development, trainings and/or board action plans. Jane is a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer. All trainings and working sessions are customized to best meet your organization’s needs. Contact Jane at or call 859.261.4145.