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May/June, 2009

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Building an Inter-generational Board

BoardSource President, Linda Crompton in a recent article in The Nonprofit Times reports, "In any given year from one to the next, there's a need for 26 million board members. Almost three-quarters of nonprofit boards are comprised of Baby Boomers (ages 46-64). Only 2% are younger than 30 and less than 30% between the ages of 30 to 49."According to Scott Leff, Assistant Director of the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management "the general struggle right now is to find good board members the scarcity of board members could affect the growth of the nonprofit sector. The board is the lifeblood of the organization, so non-profits need to be constantly reassessing their strengths, weakness, gaps and succession planning."

The article suggests organizations should not overlook young people as potential board members. This often under-tapped group of individuals can offer your organization fresh ideas and new energy. Many young people bring a unique understanding of social networking sites and new technologies that may be helpful to your organization. They often enjoy providing hand on support for fundraisers and can bring new supporters to your events and organization. Reaching out to all generations will broaden your boards perspective and build long-term sustainability. Below are suggestions for creating activities and structures that will systematically attract younger people to your organization. Giving you the opportunity to identifyindividuals who may bring valuable skills and talents to your organization and board.

How can your organization tap into the younger generation?

  • Create a young professional group which meets regularly for social and fundraising event
  • Create online recruiting tools for this internet savvy generation
  • Encourage your board members to invite their younger colleagues and friends to your event
  • Invite the younger members of your community to serve on committees and/or advisory boards
  • Create a Facebook page for your organization
  • Tap into young professional community groups to partner with you on activities or fundraisers
  • Market your events in local media venues that target a younger crowd

Being open to new ideas and strategies will help your organization stay relevant to all generations. Building an intergenerational board will strengthen your organization and tap into potential future leaders. Tell me what you think about this topic. What are your thoughts or comments?Send your comments or questions

To read the full article "Youth Movement Critical for Boards" By Mark Hrywna, in The Nonprofit Times, June 1, 2009 Issuego

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Tell me what you think about this topic. What are your thoughts or comments? Send your comments or questions to You are encouraged to forward the newsletter to anyone who may have an interest in the information.

May/June 2009
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